CalmCircleCollege delivers proven stress relief and much needed mental rest to college students who are ready to make a commitment to their own well being. CalmCircleCollege provides guidance to establish a wellness practice using meditation, relaxation and mindfulness training.

CalmCircleCollege offers four simple ways for students to improve academic performance, enhance social skills, improve sleep quality and achieve a successful college experience.


Calm is an experiential session featuring guided meditation, relaxation, stress relief, mindfulness and visualization techniques.


Pause is a short teaching session presenting practical ideas to reduce stress level, improve focus, and proactively manage student life. Pause works hand in hand with the Calm session to incorporate relaxation and stress relief throughout each day.


Emergency consists of several short audio options that address an unexpected or high level of stress at any time during the day. One to three minutes in duration, Emergency sessions provide instant relief using a series of breathing and physical techniques designed to relieve and reset stress level.


The Sleep Spot is designed to demonstrate and help create positive, proven habits to promote regenerative sleep and overcome insomnia.